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First Thursday Lecture Podcasts

Beginning in July 2012, we began to record the audio from our First Thursday Museum After Hours lectures and make them available to our online audience. Not all lectures are available online. For a list of upcoming and past lectures, click here.

Use the links below to subscribe to our podcast channel and have new episodes automatically downloaded by your computer or to download individual episodes.

How to subscribe: Click here to subscribe via iTunes. (Choose ‘Launch Application’ if prompted.) Clicking this link will open your iTunes application and automatically subscribe you to our channel. Future episodes will be automatically downloaded to your iTunes library for later listening.

Or download individual audio files: If you’d like to manually download the audio files, bypassing iTunes, please use the links below to open and play the files. In Mozilla Firefox, click on the file link and you will be given the choice to Open or Save the MP3. In Google Chrome, open the audio file in your browser by clicking on the file link. Then, right-click on the pause/play button and choose ‘Save video’ to save the MP3 file to your computer. (If you wish to listen to the file from your browser window and don’t want to transfer the file to iTunes or to another device, simply push the pause/play button.)

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