About Pat Courtney Gold

Wasco-Wishram Native

Pat Courtney GoldPat Courtney Gold is a fiber artist known for her twined Wasco basketry. She uses cattail leaves, tule, dogbane fiber, cedar bark and tree roots for her traditional baskets and cotton, chenille, dyed wool, and other textured materials on her contemporary baskets.

Ms. Courtney Gold is known for being one of four people who helped revive the Wasco art of full-turn twine with the geometric images and motifs. Today she is the only tribal member who carries on the legacy. She has conducted extensive research (at museums and through visiting with elders) on the use of traditional plants in basketry and design. Today very few elders carry the knowledge of plant fibers used by their ancestors, thus making it important for Ms. Courtney Gold to share her knowledge with other Plateau weavers and Native basket weaver associations.

Ms. Courtney Gold teaches classes throughout the Northwest, nationally and on the Warm Springs Reservation where she is from. She teaches her students the importance of becoming stewards of the land by taking them pm field trips to identify and protect wetland plant and their habitats and teaches them how to properly harvest and process the plants.