Traditional “Z-twine” Basket-weaving Class w/ Pat Courtney Gold

Note: This is a past event.

Instructor: Pat Courtney Gold
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013, 9 am to 5 pm.
Prerequisite: some twining experience.
Cost: $95 for CCHS Members; $105 for non-members; fiber supplies included
Limited to 8 students; pre-registration is mandatory and non-refundable

This class is full.

Columbia River Native People used the “Z-twine” to weave baskets. Historically these were used for storage for food and personal items, and for trade. Internationally known Wasco fiber artist Pat Courtney Gold gives a limited number of classes per year, usually through museums. This class is a natural fiber weaving class which is taught on a limited basis in order to preserve the plant materials used in the weaving process.

In this class participants will learn the “Z-twine,” the traditional Wasco start at the base, and have options to finish the rim. Participants will learn to splice the plant fibers (warps), and also learn the cross warp technique. This class will use traditional plant fibers: tule, cattail leaves, sedge grass, and possibly others. Materials will be supplied by the instructor. You may bring your own materials to experiment with, and you are invited to bring a basket for show and tell.
The class is 8 hours and you will finish a basket approximately 4 inches diameter and 5 to 6 inches tall.

Tools participants need to bring: awl or nail; scissors, small plant pruners, measure tape, spray bottle, towel, apron (optional), pocket knife, note paper, pencils, baskets to share (optional), band-aides.

Participants also need to bring a brown bag lunch.


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