Officers Row


The 21 homes on Vancouver’s Officers Row were originally occupied by officers of the Vancouver Barracks—the higher the command the larger the house. Fort Vancouver was relocated several times since its inception in 1824 as a fur trading center; similarly, it underwent several names changes, the second to last being Vancouver Barracks, a name it acquired in 1879. Since 1961 the entire area, including fort and Officers Row, has been a National Historic Site known as Fort Vancouver.

The first house on the tour is named for General Oliver O. Howard, of Civil War and Howard University fame. This Victorian home was built in 1878 and sports Italianate architecture. It was the site of many a grand party during the 1880s and 1890s, occupied at that time by General Thomas Anderson and his wife. During the Civil War, two cannons sat in front of the house to discourage attack from Confederate warships (which never materialized). Today the house is an interpretive center.

The tour moves down the Row to explore the Grant House, Marshall House, and many homes in-between. A brief 45 minute stroll, this tour delves into the early history of Vancouver and Clark County.


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