Mr. Carnegie’s Grand Tour


Welcome to Mr. Carnegie’s Grand Tour of Washington and Oregon. This passport is your guide to an automobile adventure celebrating Carnegie libraries – the cultural legacy of 19th century steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie. Use the maps to find potential stops in Washington and Oregon. Get your passport stamped to be entered to win a prize, and use the scavenger hunt to learn more about each location!

Come visit us at the Clark County Historial Museum to pick up a hard copy of your Mr. Carnegie’s Grand Tour of Washington and Oregon Passport.  We are located at 1511 Main St. Vancouver,WA 98660.  You can also click here to download a copy of your passport.

This passport was developed by the Carnegie Library Consortium of Washington (CLCW). The CLCW is a special initiative of the Clark County Historical Museum in Vancouver, WA. The CLCW was created to promote awareness and preservation of Carnegie library buildings by sharing their history and heritage, and by promoting related tourism and commerce. For more information contact the Clark County Historical Museum.

acarnegiebwWho is Andrew Carnegie? Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland and came to America in 1848.  In a rags-to-riches story, Carnegie worked his way up the business ladder.  While Carnegie was just a teen, a wealthy businessman allowed him to access his personal library. Carnegie never forgot the opportunity he was given to improve himself.

Upon his retirement, Carnegie had become the richest man in the world.  Believing that “the man who dies rich, dies disgraced,” Carnegie began giving away his fortune through endowments.  He launched a library program that built 2,509 libraries around the world.  Of the 43 built in Washington, 32 are still standing.  Of the 32 built in Oregon, 28 are still standing.

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Andy Cover

Fun for Kids! Meet Andy, a studious boy who loves libraries!  Andy the Library Explorer takes kids on a fun Carnegie library adventure. Download a copy of his story along with your “Standin’ Andy” paperdoll. Color your “Standin’ Andy” and take him with you as you visit Carnegie libraries and other historic sites. Take a picture of you and Andy at the locations you visit and send them to us at We’d love to hear about your library adventures and post them on our website!

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