Vancouver City Halls Audio Tour

Are you a fan of our seasonal Architectural Walking Tours? If so, now you can enjoy them on your own time, regardless of the season!

This audio program will take you on a guided tour of sites on which different incarnations of the City Hall for Vancouver, Washington once stood. The information, facts, and stories you will hear on this tour were all collected and analyzed by Bob Pitman, a researcher for the Clark County Historical Museum. Bradley Richardson composed the tour narrative from that information.

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Site One
Site Two
Site Three
Site Four
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12# Introduction
13# Site One
14# Site Two
15# Site Three
16# Site Four

Another option for cell-phone users is to listen to the audio tour without downloading a thing! By using our Guide by Cell audio tour system, you can simply dial a number on your phone and listen to the complete audio tour on your cell phone.

To access the tour, dial 1 (360) 483-5272.
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