Deed of Gift

***This document may only be used for submissions to the Capture the Moment: History @ 6ft collection. For all other item donations, please contact our Collections Manager, James Kice, at***

Send Items to:
Clark County Historical Museum
1511 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
p: (360) 993-5679


Donations of image, audio, and video files may be attached to this form. Electronic donations are limited to 4 per Deed of Gift and are limited to file sizes of 1MB or less. Please email for files 1MB or larger.

I/we hereby unconditionally donate to the Clark County Historical Society, for its unrestricted use, the item(s) listed below. In addition, I/we agree that the item(s) being donated may be used in the best interests of the Society and its Museum. Exhibition of any item(s) is entirely at the discretion of the Society. Item(s) not on public display are generally available to scholars, researchers, and scientists for study.

I/We state that the item(s) being donated are my/our personal property free and clear, to dispose of in any manner in which I/we may determine.

My/Our acceptance of these terms below convey(s) to the Clark County historical Society all of my/our rights, including but not limited to any titles, interests, and copyrights in/of the donated property described below.