Upcoming Exhibits

Founding Mothers: Portraits of Progress


CCHM is hosting the exhibition Founding Mothers: Portraits of Progress from August 19th through the end of September.  The exhibition consists of 47 portraits of remarkable women from Clark County, 6 of which are making their debut at CCHM. An opening reception will be held at 5:00pm on the 19th. Hilarie Couture will speak about her process and portraits and give a demonstration at 6:00pm.

Couture’s impetus for this project was the naming of 2016 as Vancouver’s Year of the Woman coinciding with the centennial celebration of the Clark County YWCA.

Couture remarked “this body of work was a challenge to myself to paint portraits of women that I didn’t know, and most that I had never seen, and to engage those living to spend an hour to 90 minutes with me in my studio sharing my world.

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ALL ABOARD! Clark County Rides the Rails

Upcoming exhibition on SP&S and railroad history.

Opening Fall/Winter 2016. Check back for more details.