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Art of Legacy

Art of Legacy is the title of an exhibit that will open June 5th, 2014 at the museum as part of a double-header First Thursday program.

The Art of Legacy aims to provide resources from North Bank Artists Gallery and the Clark County Historical Museum to the students in Ms. Moeller’s advanced art class from Jefferson Middle School in a multi-disciplinary art and humanities project. Students will be instructed by teaching artists from these organizations how to plan, create, and reflect on a short series of art pieces; student work will be inspired by artifacts from the museum and research. Completed artwork will be exhibited at North Bank Artists Gallery, the museum, and City Hall in Vancouver.

Teaching artists from the gallery and museum will instruct one class twice a week for one month with classroom teachers. Teaching artists and classroom teachers will meet before the project formally begins to confer on lesson plans and develop expectations about student outcome. Teaching artists kathi rick, Sharri LaPierre, Cynthia Heise, and Pepper Kim will work with Ms. Moeller to advance student learning in the fine arts, as well as help students make connections across disciplines.

There will be one field trip to the Clark County Historical Museum at the beginning of the project. At the museum, students will receive instruction by the staff, photograph and sketch artifacts from the collection, and select artifacts to research for their projects.

The following four weeks, teaching artists and classroom teachers will be in the classroom with students instructing them on different art media and helping them create pieces of artwork inspired by the museum field trip. Students will research and write artist statements about their work and keep an “altered book” journaling about their experiences.

Artwork can be two or three dimensional and use a variety of media, including digital. At the end of the semester, students’ work will be transported to one of three locations for exhibit: Clark County Historical Museum, North Bank Artists Gallery, or City Hall. The exhibits will run concurrently.

The expected impacts of the Art of Legacy Consortium are:

· Students will create, consider, and exhibit original artwork using their personal voices in response to interdisciplinary experiences with historical artifacts.

· Students will make connections with local history and culture at the Clark County Historical Museum, and learn about the resources the museum provides.

· Students will share their work with their community, and express what they’ve learned. They will also gain experience in how to present artwork in a professional and public setting.

· Students will reflect on and analyze their creative process and learn new research skills.


· Thursday, February 6, 2014, 9:30 am-1:30 pm: Field Trip to Clark County Historical Museum.

· February 11 &13, 10:45-11:33am: kathi rick will be in the classroom working with students and Ms. Moeller on “personal artifact” project.

· February 18 & 20, 11:15-11:57am: Cynthia Heise will be in the classroom working with students and Ms. Moeller on “heritage painting” project.

· February 25 & 27, 10:45-11:33am: Pepper Kim will be in the classroom working with students and Ms. Moeller on “mini me paperdolls” project.

· March 4 & 6, 10:45-11:33am: Sharri LaPierre will be in the classroom working with students and Ms. Moeller on printmaking project.

· June 2014: Student Exhibits at CCHM, NBAG, and City Hall


Coming soon: CCHS to install exhibit at the Vancouver Depot

Spokane Seattle Portland Railway

Due to generous support from a Transportation Enhancement Grant and a BNSF Foundation Grant, the Clark County Historical Museum is currently working on a permanent interpretive exhibit on the SP&S Railway that will be installed at Vancouver’s 1909 Train Depot or Amtrak Station. Stay tuned for the opening celebration details.