Vet Ink submissions

In conjunction with our February – September 2013 exhibit “Vet Ink: Military-Inspired Tattoos”, we are accepting submissions for a supplementary digital exhibit. If you have a tattoo in commemoration of military service and would like to be included in this online exhibit, please fill out the form below.

  1. Submit your story here for our "Vet Ink" exhibit!
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  9. Please email us a photograph of your tattoo(s) at File should be .jpg or .png and no larger than 500 kb.
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  11. I hereby grant the Clark County Historical Museum (CCHM) full ownership and right to use the physical property that results from my participation (e.g., my recorded interview, photographs and written materials) in the Vet Ink: Military Tattoos exhibit project.
  12. I understand this property will become part of CCHM’s permanent collection and may be used for promotion, exhibition, publication, online presentation (World Wide Web, YouTube, Facebook, ITunes, Twitter, Podcast software and any successor technologies); and will also be made available to scholars, students, and the general public.
  13. I agree that CCHM and its assignees (e.g., Aevum Images) may use, publish or copy my name, photographs, statements, or voice reproduction without further approval on my part. I hereby waive my right to inspect or approve the finished product or any written copy that may be used in connection therewith, and release CCHM and Aevum Images from any and all liability arising out of any injury of any kind which I may sustain from participation in the Vet Ink: Military Tattoos exhibit project.
  14. I have read the above and voluntarily transfer to CCHM full and irrevocable use of any and all property described above. I warrant that I have the full right, power, and authority to grant this permission and release.
  15. Have you read and do you agree to the terms stated above?

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