Capture the Moment

Dear CCHM Community,

We often say here at CCHM that history didn’t end on some random day in the past. History happens every day in the big and small actions each and everyone makes.

We are currently in a generation defining moment for our community and our society. This historical moment has the potential to create wide sweeping changes in our relationships with each other, nature, and our government.

As the keepers of Clark County’s shared story, we feel it is imperative to ensure that when the current crisis is over and people look back at this moment in history, the story they read is our own.

But we can’t do it alone… we need your help.

CCHM is opening a new special collection – Capture the Moment. Beginning today, we invite you to share with us your story of life in Clark County during the COVID-19 pandemic. Send us your thoughts, journals, images, recordings…any item that provides a look at life of Clark County residents during this time.

In addition, we ask that you send us notifications of loved ones and friends lost. Let us not forget those who are no longer with us when this is over.

To donate, please submit our online Deed of Gift and include a copy with your item.

Electronic donation may be sent through the form. Donations of physical items can be sent to CCHM via regular mail:

Clark County Historical Museum
Attn: Capture the Moment
1511 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98642

Please include a printout of your confirmation email to ensure the item is filed properly.

CCHM is not responsible for the cost of shipping donated items nor lost or incomplete donations. Items not accompanied by a Deed of Gift cannot be accepted due to legal restrictions. We are unable to return incomplete donations.