Arnada Neighborhood

Originally known as North Vancouver, the area was referred to for years as Arnada Park. The origin of the name has been speculated on, one tale told locally is that developer John Elwell took parts of friends and family’s names to choose the title: AR from Margaret Ranns, NA from Anna Eastham, and DA from Ida Elwell. The gem of this tour, the John P. Kiggins House, was saved from the wrecking ball and brought to the neighborhood only a handful of years ago. Kiggins served as a nine-time mayor of Vancouver and was an entertainment enthusiast. One of his final acts in life was the creation of a grand theatre in downtown Vancouver that still bears his name.

Other sites included on this tour are Vancouver’s 1909 Library, Arnada Park, the former home of Civil War veteran Isaac Dietderich, and much more.

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