Historic Buildings Plaque Program

The CCHSM Historic Building Plaque Program is designed to provide interpretative plaques for buildings, structures, and/or locations, which are selected by the CCHSM and recognized on local, state, and/or national registers of historic places. The mission of the Historic Building Plaque Program is the following:

  • Engagement: Create a cost-effective and engaging way to educate the public about the rich histories of buildings throughout the Clark County area, which in turn creates a better sense of stewardship, community, and draws tourism.
  • Development: The program will create an opportunity for CCHSM to research, identity, engage, and grow long-term meaningful relationships with owners of historic buildings, structures, and/or locations and community stakeholders connected to those locations. In addition, CCHSM will seek out partnering organizations or entities to broaden the reach and resources of the program that will feed into other CCHSM efforts.
  • Outreach: Provide a tangible representation of the CCHSM work in the community and create an opportunity to easily expand its outreach and membership.
  • Recognition: Promote the local efforts for preservation and rehabilitation of registered historic buildings that represent a variety of historical eras, styles, and stories.  The program can help educate property owners and potential stakeholders about the local, state, and national historic registers and encourage the listing of a building, structure, and/or location.

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